Devayan Music

Mantras compiled by Dr.Hajari With reference to the epic Devayan

Welcome to the golden age

Vocal:Nilesh Nathwani

Mantras Form Dawn to Dusk

Vocal:Nilesh Nathwani

Devayan Videos

Interview by Amita Nathwani on Devayan Asian Television Network (ATN) Toronto, Canada. 20th May 2016

Asian Television Network (ATN) in Toronto, Canada gave me the honour to speak a few words on the epic Devayan on their channel “Jhankar”. Ms. Kanta Arora, the charismatic anchor of ATN interviewed me and Dr. Shirish Nathwani of Canada on Devayan. We were very happy and delighted to have this opportunity and I wish herewith to express my deepest appreciation for the same. I must admit right away that it is very difficult to express and describe in a short interview an epic that straddles across the Four Ages of Time.

Interview given by Dr. Indira Sardana to NIraj Nathwani on Dr. Hajari and Devayan. August 2000

Devayan, the third great epic of India has been close to me since I heard about it from my grandmother and my mother. The vast epic is monumental and mysterious. As I had an inner urge to know more about the epic, I felt that I should ask my grandmother a few questions. She had known Dr. Hajari who had penned down the epic. She was totally immersed in the contents of the epic.She kept up a high pitch of imaginative excitement whenever she talked about it. She had a great impact on me. I realised that she was getting older all the time. In August 2000, when I interviewed her she was already 78 years old. I asked her a few questions to unfold the mystery of this epic. Here is my interview with her..